We are Putting the Individual back in Individual Education Plan

We are Putting the Individual back in Individual Education Plan

March 17, 2021

It became evident to the Ry's Ties family during online school that public school was no longer the best option for James Ryan.  
In recent weeks, he has been reunited with a former classroom aide, who is a certified teacher, and they are now doing school together.  
The beauty of this is we are implementing an IEP in a way that could never be accomplished in a school setting.  We are using Ry's Ties as a platform for high interest learning to teach
Social Studies
Social skills
Life skills
Community Living
And more
You will be seeing much of that in his upcoming posts. 

The first highlight reel on his Social Media is from our hometown where he got to experience Texas history, science and more when he and a friend took his socks to places around McKinney. 
We think you will see more of his personality as he learns to manage more and more of his business, beginning with social media.  
Be on the lookout for Take Over Tuesdays, Ry's Reviews, and more.  We are excited for him and these new opportunities. 
Thank you for shopping with Ry's Ties. 
Your purchase is preparing him for his future and his future for him.  

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