Ties Chose and a Friendship Begun

To Market, To Market

August 30, 2018

On our first trip to market we met some amazing people that we will be in partnership with as we launch.  

Wish I had remembered more pics, but we met Russell and Sandra and will get our Beard Care products from them. They have a 13 year old with Autism and we talked about neuro-diversity and cried about the great things that lie ahead for our kids. 

We met a gentlemen who can't sell to us because we don't have a store front (yet) but he likes our plans for raising awareness and is going to help us in some other ways. 

We met a 22 year old man who started a company when he was SEVENTEEN. He was just a doll and good for this momma 💓. So good in fact, that we're going to buy some things for the LADIES in our lives from him. 

We met a guy who wants to help us create various awareness ties, lapel pins, etc. I love to find people who are also interested in the work it takes to raise awareness that differences are a vital and beautiful part of our society. 

One of our vendors let Ry choose the patterns.  We went back a second time and he so patiently and kindly helped Ry narrow down his selection ("all of them") to a few great choices for next year.   We can't wait to show you those.  

Lastly we met this guy, Jason. He's the owner of a sock company that we already loved... think luxury for your feet. (Some for us girls too)  Daddy Leach may never wear anything else. Jason and Jim Bob are so much alike...subtle with their ideas, part nerd (self-confessed), part creator, quiet difference makers. No wonder Jim Bob loves the socks so much.  We are so excited to partner with them for great things ahead. He has already partnered with Best Buddies and we are excited to see what The Inkorporated Community and Dead Soxy will do together.

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